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You Are

   You are filled with great potential, a rare and beautiful talent.  

Thank you,


My Success

My success is based on my beliefs and knowing I am worthy of success in life.

My success is not dependent on outside conditions, by statistics, or by other’s thoughts and beliefs. 

My success is based on my positive beliefs, concepts and attitudes.  

My success is based on being thankful for all that is in my life.  Some experiences so wonderful words cannot explain them; some present opportunities which challenge me to think differently and reevaluate the direction I need to move in. I am successful and thankful as I learn from my life experiences.

My success is based on my belief in myself, my talents and my abilities.

My success is based on my belief that I am drawn to the right people, places and things at the right time for my success.

My success is based on my belief that I am a valuable, successful individual and a mentor to others on the pathway to success.

My success is based on my belief that my thoughts, beliefs and concepts are creative forces in my life.

My success is based on my ability to let go of the past and move forward to live a full and prosperous life.

I am successful because I am me.

You are succesful and it is my pleasure to tip my hat to you and your great achievements!!


Good Afternoon

  I’ve had a wonderfully unique day and wanted to tell you that I appreciate you and your sharing this blog with others and congratulate you on a successful day!  Did I happen to mention that I think you’re a phenomenal person! 

Have a wonderful and fantastic end of day and celebrate you .  

Singing To Success

Yes, singing to success is a great way to impregnate your mind (subconscious aspect) for success and prosperity on all levels.  

I want to share with you a technique I developed for creating an easy way to prep for success through song.

First, do you have a favorite song?  One person at lecture shared they put their words to their favorite hymn.  Be it a jazz tune, big band, rap, country music, show tune or whatever genre of music you like it is time to write some new and personal lyrics to that tune. 

What is it you want to focus your mind on?  Is it health, wealth, money (different from wealth), success with a certain project, prosperity, abundance, or love? Pick one and then write down some words (lyrics, present tense) that directly convey the idea and work it into the tune.  Be specific, state, “I am… /I now have or I have…,” be sure to include being thankful for having it (your point of focus) in your life now.  For example the words could be, “My kind of life prosperity is…”  “On a wonderful day like today I am…”  Be sure to affirm the good you desire throughout the song and be accepting of it.  Should you hear the song on the radio sing along with it with your lyrics.  Grab that pen/pencil and a piece of paper, writing it down by hand helps to reinforce  it in your mind.

Start writing down the key words/phrases, i.e. success in…., money in my life now-state an amount you can honestly accept into your life, my life is now filled with an abundance of…, I now have a new job in…, you get the idea. As you create your lyrics don’t force the words, be relaxed and enjoy the process, have fun with it-an important key to this technique.  You can also write a poem or piece of prose and set it to music, it is all up to you how you want to approach implementing this technique into your life.

Success is merely a song away…’cause you got plenty of plenty.

Do let me know how this unique technique works for you.

With a song of success in my heart, for you, I know you are on the way to new beginnings.

Let the singing begin.  Jay

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

“Everyone is endowed with creative imagination.  Creative imagination is using imagination creatively to envision that which we want in life…”

“Creative imagination is more than daydreaming.  One can remake his entire life through an understanding and application of creative imagination.  Through creative imagination it is possible to change one’s belief about himself and the world in which he lives, thus changing the outer expression…”

Allow your creative imagination to come out and play to create a new and wondeful expression of your world.  Jay

More Goal Information

    Today will be the last day for more goal information.  In January I will be incorporating these Goal Posts, pun intended, into a permanent page.  If you like any of the recipes please copy them as they will be deleted the first week of January 2012. 

At this time I want to thank you for being part of my of readership–which truly means a lot to me and for which I am grateful.  I am so thankful for you sharing this site; as a link, with friends, family, co-workers and others, or using the information from PCA (with acknowledgements) on your site. Life is surprising. I value, appreciate and desire only the highest and best life has to offer for you and yours.  You are the Success and always will be.  If you will pardon the following expression I borrowed from a friend, The Infinite don’t make junk.” Affirm daily, “I am successful and prosperous.  I am always led to the right people, places and things at the right time for success and prosperity in my  life.”  Thank you for joining me in positive living. Jay

There are three types of goals: immediate/short-range, usually up to one year; medium-range goals, one to three years; long-range goals, three years plus.

We have to set goals we believe in and have the belief they are now accomplished. 

As stated prior, if a goal needs to be changed be flexible and change it. Your vision of your life and where it goes is yours to direct.  We have to believe in ourselves.  Egotism is not an option. There is a big difference between believing in yourself and being egotistical.  Yes, we have to blow our own horn at times but not be a braggart about our work.

Medium and long-range goals aren’t going to drop into our lap.  They require us to work toward the goal, be innovative and positive, if they need to be tweaked along the way, do so.  Achieving our goals is like taking a road trip; we hop in the car, know our destination and drive to it.  Sometimes there are detours and we get to take the scenic route, we learn a new way of how or not how to get to where we desire in life.  No matter what the detour keep your focus on the destination.

Keep in mind, if your goals are vague they probably won’t come to pass.  Be specific setting goals, but do not outline how they are to be attained. For instance, a goal is a new car.  Ok, what kind of new car? What color ,make, model, two door, four door, convertible, coupe, etc. Go to the dealership, sit in the car, visualize yourself driving it and if the dealership allows take it for a test drive.  Cut out a picture of the car you desire and also know you have the money to pay for it.  Years ago an example was given in a class I had taken on goal setting.  A person had a goal of new home…they got the home but lost it due to not having the income to pay for it monthly. There are caveats that go along with our goals, suchas time, money, dedication and accepting the responsibilities that go with the specific goal.

What is your daily self-talk about achieving your goal(s)? Create a positive mental attitude toward your goals, nourish them daily with thanksgiving and positive thoughts.  Should a not so positive thought pop up, show it the door and be rid of it.

Identify with your goal; visualize the attainment of your goal, see yourself enjoying the fruits of your labor; be enthusiastic with feeling about your goal; be thankful that every day you are a step or two closer to the achievement of your goals. Life will respond to you according to the timber of your dominant thoughts and beliefs.

Concieve, Confidently Believe, Achieve.

The following are examples: short-range goals are, to again, be published in a variety of print and online publications and get back to speaking to variety of groups throughout the country after a long hiatus, this also includes being paid for my work.  A medium-range goal is to publish a book I am working on.  One of my medium/long-range goals is to speak and be published internationally.  There is no doubt in my mind that these goals are now being accomplished.  Now to state these goals in the present tense:  I am now published in a variety of print and online publications and paid well for my work. My book is now published and a best seller. I am an in demand paid motivational speaker to groups throughout the country.  I am now speaking and publishing internationally.  These are examples.  Why not grab a piece of paper and pen to begin writing down your goals.  Remember goals are for career/business and personal as well. Keep the personal goals to yourself as well as those career and business goals as necessary.

One is never too old to set goals.

Continued Success In All Your Works,


My Christmas Gift

          My Christmas Gift.  Earlier this year I died, crossed over and was brought back to life. 

Once I was able to get back on my feet, creatively as well, I began this blog to share positive information for self-growth and self-awareness.  Life is truly what we make it…I could have given up and did the “poor me” routine but I fought hard for a comeback with lots of support from my wife, who also gave me cpr.  For months I was determined to achieve a life worth living and it finally happened. Overcoming obstacles is, in part, what life is about.  Living is about using your mind, thoughts and beliefs to bring forth a life you enjoy.  The longer we dwell in the dark hole of self-pity the more we exist and not live.  We are humans being, what we are being is up to each of us.

Life is about understanding yourself, accepting yourself – quirks and all, forgiving yourself and others so that you can move on with living.  If you are on the outside looking in, join the club.  Be yourself and express the life within you.  Yes, we all have qualities we either want to change or improve on, but, it requires being okay with who we are, building our self-confidence and self-esteem. Celebrate you.  As we grow to like ourselves and love ourselves we initiate a change in our life that will prosper us in many ways, seen and unseen.

Who are you? You are a wonderful and beautiful expression of life with the power, talent and ability to experience the highest and best life has to offer.  Never give up on yourself!  I have hit lows, had the momentary lapse, and then, began the journey back up the ladder.  Believe in yourself.  I could go on and give you a variety of platitudes but they are not what this or I am about.  I may not know you, but, what I do know is, the life in you is the same life that is within me; a life that is creative, good, kind and talented.  I believe the life in you expresses through you for your greater good and the greater good of the world around you.  You are a worthy and worthwhile individual.

You are my Christmas gift.  I thank you for following, subscribing and sharing this blog with others. Most of all I am thankful that you are you.  Today, unwrap the gift of you and enjoy all it has offer. 

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.  Let Your Light Shine!

With A Joyous Heart and Best Wishes,


Today’s Positive Thought

     Today’s Positive Thought is about prosperous living.

This is a wonderful new day.

I seize the new opportunities which are presented to me to further my life of prosperity and success.

I am a new person with a new more positive outlook on life and living. I am here to express myself with joy, happiness, prosperity and success. I am filled with new and exciting thoughts that lead me on the road of continued success.

I grateful for my new positive and exciting ideas that carry me forward in living my life with prosperity and success.

Today’s Positive Thought

         Today’s Positive Thought,

I begin this day with a joyous heart knowing that life is wonderful and so am I. 

The wonders of living a life of success reminds me of how powerful my word, thoughts and beliefs are in creating my success.  Life  gives to me as I believe and I believe in my personal wealth, prosperity and well-being.  I am a successfully wealthy representation of a positive and exciting life for which I am extremely grateful. 

I rejoice in my overall well-being in all areas of my life.

“Success is just a thought away.” –  Jay

In The Beginning Was Frustration

In the beginning was frustration and the impetus to move from a mediocre life to one of positivity and success.  My life is a choice and I choose to live and live well.  I have found my way to a new and exciting way of living life.  I pursue this life with purpose, dignity and gusto. 

In the beginning I was unsure of my steps forward and am now confident in stepping forward into a life of positive living.  Left behind are the old ideas that limited me and hampered my moving forward.  I accept more good into my life today than I did yesterday.  No more “poor me” but wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me!

I found my self-worth and self-confidence. These qualities have helped me advance to new and vital representations of a successful life. I live fully and as I have moved forward I share my good and mentor others along the way. 

I accept myself and my successful life without apology.

I am a grateful and successful person who knows the secret of success lies within me and all people. That which I can conceive of, confidently believe in, I can achieve, as can anyone else.   

Today, I have cut the ties that have bound me to lack and limitation and create a new viable relationship with those thoughts, beliefs and concepts that prosper me in all ways, always. 

Life is filled with wonderous surprises waiting around the corner and I venture forward to a new life and new beginnings.

The World Is Your Cookie. Create It! ™  I have created one heck of a phenomenal cookie!!

Happy Day,


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