Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

Just A Thought

SunJust A ThoughtSun

By: Jay

It pays for us to remember that there is power in our words, thoughts and decisions.  A friend affirmed she would get a guest role on a new television show and she did, turned out to be a recurring role, better than she thought.

What is it you and I are affirming for ourselves?  When we affirm as one who has power and authority in our world of experience that which we affirm or something better enters into our life.

Whatever it is we are affirming with power and authority in our words, thoughts, beliefs and decisions we cannot waiver or doubt, but be firm in our resolve and unexpected events will and do occur to benefit us in a variety of ways.  To this I can attest.

Believe It, Claim It, Accept It as in your life now and watch what greater good enters your life.


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