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Je Suis…

French Flag Je Suis…

By: Jay

The events in Paris over the past week have struck chords deep within my being and no doubt in many more people throughout the world.  To say we are dismayed and saddened by these events are perhaps an understatement, there are no words that can truly convey how we have been affected and what we feel for the people of France and especially in Paris.  As we came together after September 11th, so have the French.

As I watched the Unity March on the news today, it moved me deeply. In attendance were individuals from a variety of religious and secular communities coming together to show strength, resolve and unity to move forward together as a nation.  World leaders were in attendance to show their support and at the ready to help however they can.

The support of each other, no matter what the religious beliefs may be, was inspiring.  I am sure you saw and heard about people holding signs stating, “Je Suis Charlie ”and“ I am a Jew,” even though they were not Jewish or agree with what was published.

Perhaps it is time we come together and begin a harmonious relationship, not only within our self – which is where it begins, but with those that are different, i.e. color, nationality, region within a country, religion, just to name a few of the chasms that have for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years divided us as the people of this planet.  To change the collective consciousness is not an overnight process but as we each begin to change our change will initiate a domino process, slow as it might be we will see changes.

One of the most important things my father taught growing up was, “You may not agree with another person’s opinion but you must respect it.”   This was and is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I was given as a child.  The greatest divide can be bridged when we have respect for each other and our differences, which as they say, “makes the world go ‘round.”

You may not agree with me and I may not agree with you, but it is the respect we have for each other as individuals with individual beliefs that mends the fences and creates new pathways to follow in unity and harmony.

Let us think of the world as a great orchestra, each country playing a different instrument which when played together creates a musical masterpiece.  Each community, city, state, country is an instrument and echoes the sound, collective consciousness, of their residents.  Perhaps it is now time to think of creating harmony within each to create a musical masterpiece.  Each of us is a valuable and important part of this orchestra; why not play in harmony with one another.

Yes, I know this is perhaps considered unrealistic; we have so many human egos to deal with, so many angry people in the world that want revenge, so many unhappy individuals, what is the chance of this harmony ever happening.  Truthfully, I don’t know.  But if we don’t give it a try we will never know.


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  1. I don’t think it’s unrealistic for those of us with differing opinions to unite. But, we must unite against those who believe killing is okay to do to people who don’t agree with you. We can show the killers that, even though we disagree, we can still respect and live in harmony with one another.

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