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My Life, No Apologies

My Life, No Apologies

By: Jay

Today is my day and I refuse to sit and weep over anything that has been less than marvelous.  I do not apologize for being me—no more trying to please the world and throw myself under the bus.  I am a helluva lot more than you see.  I am more than a body.  I am more than can be imagined.

For far too long I’ve denied myself the joy of being me and enjoying all that I am.  I am moving forward with greater self-acceptance.  I am more receptive to and grateful for all the good that is now flowing into my life, every moment of everyday.

My life is precious for, “woe is me,” and promoting negativity concerning my life and life in general is cast out of my thoughts, out of mind, from this point forward.  No longer do I merely exist but I Am Alive.  I am living the life I am meant to live.  I toss out all thoughts, concepts and beliefs that have been and are contrary to achieving my goals here and now.  I focus on life; on living, living freely, richly, joyously, prosperously, successfully and all those wonderful and fantastic adjectives that describe the life I now live.

I do not apologize for being me, strange and unique as I am, I am a worthwhile individual filled with creativity, ability and talent. This is my truth and I accept it.  I am unique and spectacular.

I am living the life I choose and I choose only the positive, the great, the wonderful and all the good that life has to offer.

I am now a healthy and wealthy individual that not only shares my great wealth but mentors along the way.

I celebrate me and all that is in my life.  No longer is my life lived in complacency or in denial of my good.

Life, my life, WOW!!     

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