Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist



By: Jay

“People,” my friend said,  “I don’t understand them.”  Continuing he said,  “Here I am having a modicum of success and all of a sudden all those who I offered to help or work with who didn’t want anything to do with me are now knocking on my door.  If I wasn’t good enough for them then, why am I now the one to know?”  This really was hard for him.  Over the years he has offered his talents for free and given his ideas freely to help others out of the goodness of his heart, with no expectation of return.  Some individuals he offered his talents and ideas to, wrote him off as, well, a “unique individual.”  Granted he is different from the average individual, but his heart is big and he did what he did out of compassion hoping that it would inspire them to move forward and if he was included in the moving forward, fine.

Now, as he is moving up the ladder of success these same people are seeking him out for his help and ideas.  So, he asked, “When I was not as successful and offered you help and ideas why did you turn me down and write me off as an oddball?  I have not heard from you in a long time.”  Ah, the judgement of others who are creatively different.  Life is funny that way.  Those who are “different” are often written off until they become successful and then, wham, everybody wants to know them.

There are a selected few he has decided to help who were sincere and honest in their response to his questions.  Others just hung their heads and gave a so-so,  mostly insincere, apology.

As he moves up the ladder of success he is mentoring others and providing them with information on moving forward to greater success in their field of work.

Each of us are uniquely different, each of us have our own unique talents and abilities that can carry forward to greater success in living life.

Next time you see a guy in a pork pie hat, plaid shirt, bow tie, and plaid pants, wearing some unique looking footwear, it may be to your advantage and his to say, “Hi.”  We are always in the right place at the right time meeting the right people, a chance meeting that can be of mutual benefit to you both.  Follow your intuition and you’ll be amazed who you meet on this journey of life.

I’m different and glad to be so.  How about you?


Comments on: "People" (4)

  1. gllski@aol.com said:

    We people, everywhere, are much the same; brothers, each with a different gift to share.

    We are meant to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love does bless both the giver and the receiver.

    Your friend would be happier if he did not expect gratitude for his assistance, but take joy in being able to offer it and find satisfaction in doing so.

    Your friend should not be surprised that his ideas have more influence after he achieves some success; that success is one obvious indication of the value of his ideas.


    • Hi Jim,
      Thank you for the insightful comment. Since writing the article we have spoken at length and he has a better understanding of what you have written.
      As always, good to hear from you!!

  2. Hi Jay,

    I’ve been and still am facing the same problem too. Congrats to your friend who’s moving up the ladder of success. He’s finally being recognised. Human beings are herds of sheep aren’t they? Once you’re famous, they’ll flock to you for there is a stamp of approval…. so there’s no going wrong in trusting you. Hell even if you’re wrong, they’ll somehow, still have faith in you. Weird, but true. This ought to make it to Ripley’s believe it or not.

    It’s good that you have faith and celebrate your uniqueness. Keep on with the positives ! 🙂

    • Thanks, appreciate your comments. Life is always filled with uniqueness in one form or another and it is how each of us respond either by reacting or acting that makes the difference. I am very happy that you are more successful and being recognized for your talent and ability. I have faith in you!!

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