Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

Today’s Positive Thought

Idea   Today’s Positive Thought is by Albert Einstein.

“The mind can only proceed so far upon what it knows and can prove.  There comes a time when the mind takes a leap–call it intutition or what you will–and comes out on a higher plane of knowledge.”

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  1. Very cool quote and yes – I think Einstein knew what he was talking about lol. It also reminds me of the concept that goals become much more achievable when you tackle them incrementally. In other words, when you set the bar a little lower at first with simpler goals, accomplish them and then pick a more challenging *follow-up* goal, you’ll be more likely to achieve it. That’s because you have the confidence of your first goal pushing momentum in your favor. Anyway, sorry to be long-winded. Nice positive thought for the day. Thanks!

    • Hello Jason,
      Yes, setting goals that one is able to achieve is quite important…in going forward setting goals gives us the general direction and as we refine the direction and goals we can either change the goals or modify as needed. The most important thing for one is not to set a goal that is unreal, that sets up one for failure and sometimes people do set unrealistic goals to prove they can fail, etc. It is also important that we set goals that make us stretch and make better use of our creativity, talents and abilities…easy goals are nice to use as a jumping point but in order to go forward more prosperously we should set challenging and innovative goals for those are the ones that send us forward to success.
      You are so right on with your sentence on confidence!
      No need to apologize about “long winded.” As you can tell, I can be the same.
      Success to you,

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