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Goal Quote

   Goal Quote is by Dr. Jack Addington from his book, All About Goals.

“…Each one has the power to direct his conscious mind in such a way that he gives orders to the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind knows only to take orders from the conscious mind and carry out these orders from the conscious mind with precision and exactitude.  Therefore, when you set a goal, you are setting the direction of your conscious mind, and this becomes the order to the subconsious mind.  The direction that you give the conscious mind becomes the law of your life.”

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  1. A new work I’m unfamiliar with! I’m going to have to read this. Thanks, Jay. Cheers. 🙂 ~Paul

    • Hi Paul, This book, All About Goals & How To Achieve Them, was published by De Vorss & Company in Marina Del Rey, CA. The 5th printing was in 1986. Dr.Jack Addington and his wife had a non-profit, no longer in existence, Abundant Living and published Abundant Living, a monthly magazine. They published a work of mine back in the 80’s. It was an inspirational magazine with articles on successful and spiritual living, and goal setting. Thanks for writing, Jay

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