Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

   Pay attention to your attention and where you have it directed.  Often we are not aware of what we are giving our attention, be it a negative or positive direction.

Where we place our focus, our attention, is what we will experience in living our life.  It becomes an order, an arrow pointing the way, to our subconscious mind to follow and act upon.

Today, take a moment and heed where your attention is focused.  Is it on a positive and uplifting experience or is it on a negative and downtrodden path of life?

Lift up your mind, your thoughts, to the highest and best life has to offer this day, this very moment, for unexpected good and success to appear at unexpected times and places.

Pave the path of your life with golden thoughts and beliefs and let the opportunities unfold and enrich your living experiences.  The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Attraction, will do the rest.  Sit back relax and be thankful for all that is taking place on both the invisible and visible sides of life for your life of success and well-being.



Comments on: "Pay Attention To Your Attention" (5)

  1. Been trying to be cognizant of my attention a lot more, as my attention seems to dance around a lot until, I catch up to it.

    Good reminder.

  2. It’s so hard to keep the mind positive with what’s going on in the world today. I’m trying, but I can even feel the tension in the energy around me. This is a time that will definitely test our focus/attention.

    • I have been meditating more and it has been helping to keep me focused on my goals and life. My quiet time also includes healing words/thoughts for our planet and all who reside on it. Yes, there is tension in the air and we can do our part to lessen it through our meditations, prayer work and focused positive thoughts on world situations. One of my teachers, many years ago, said to, “Pray for harmony between all people and nations.” Something we all can do. Jay

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