Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

A Thought

   A Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“We are bound by nothing but our belief.”


Comments on: "A Thought" (2)

  1. “We are bound by nothing but our belief.” Except when one group is powerful enough to impose and demand by force submission to theirs. You are definitely bound then. I don’t think convincing ourselves that we still have a freedom of mind is very credible. Then our beliefs become day dreams. On the other hand, dreams are the seeds of change …..

    • A statement which is made to for one to think, thank you. If we allow a group to think for us then we have ceded our power to that which is outside ourselves, hence, we give up our freedom of thought and to think for self. The boundaries are in our mind, in our thoughts and beliefs. We are free to be but if we don’t believe in the freedom we are imprisoned by thought alone.
      To dream the dream we dare, to change the way. Yet we may ask, “What is real? The dream or reality?” “Which cannot exist without the other?, for reality is made of dreams. The wispy becomes the form and the form is the stuff from which dreams are made of. Jay

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