Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist


   Hi Everyone,

I am not one who shares personal information…yet today I want to share a few details in light that it can help you or someone you know who is in a quandary about where to go in life. 

Last year I had a full respiratory arrest, in a coma and there was a bit of time that oxygen was cut off to my brain, no major damage but just a twinge, so I have had to learn to deal with that uniqueness.  It has taken an abundance of determination, facing challenges, and allowing me to experience whatever it was I needed to experience to get to where I want to go.  Slight as it may be it still has had a profound affect on all things in my life.  From these experiences I have gained better insight and understanding of myself as me.  Decisions have not been easy for me and things I used to do in a twinkling of an eye, well, took a very long time to accomplish, outside my norm.  

This blog was my first step to regaining my creativity and life, literally. 

Newness is in my life.  As I am gaining more strength and mental determination, coming into my own so to speak, choices/decisions have been made and are now taking form.  I have made a decision to follow childhood dreams and resurrect my acting and writing careers.  I have had a 36 year hiatus from the stage and 20 years from television.  Looking at some head and body shots from decades ago of a slimmer and full head of hair me, my wife and I just laugh and wonder where the hair went…ah, genetics.

Determination has been revived and new plans of action are taking place for the acting and writing careers.  In order to get my feet wet; before I reactivate my union membership and secure talent and literary agents, community theatre is my start.   

Being a motivational speaker, writer, columnist, retired minister, and host/interviewer/creator/producer for two cable television shows all have been good prep work and stepping stones back to the fields I love and enjoy.

Looking back at my past accomplishments has enlightened and also astonished me…I forgot so much of what I did way back when.  How about you? Have you looked back at your past accomplishments, talents and abilities that have been in memory storage?  Take a bit of time and look back by creating a resume of your accomplishments.  If you are like me it will perk you up, spur you onward and forward.  It was in looking back that a boost of self-confidence filled my heart, my mind and my soul to pursue this new direction and it will for you too.

Don’t be like me and wait until you have that brush/experience with death to follow your dream(s).  Why not take a stab at something new and express your talents and abilities, dabble and get your feet wet, experience a new way of living and being; for that which is inside you is aching to be expressed.  Take a chance on yourself and allow yourself to be the you, you really are.  Know that to you all things are possible.

To all of you, thank you for being there and being part of my growth and continued growthI can’t tell you how important your support has been and is to me.  As the writing continues and new goals/ pursuits are achieved you will be one of the first to know.

Enter stage right…  

Jay   (I have just received a phone call informing me of a role in, The Odd Couple.)     

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  1. Soppy Pedersen said:

    mmm… does this mean… this is… the start of your good bye tour for Positive Cookie Attitudes… on a personal selfish note… you have been/are… a much needed positve refuge/respite in the oh too real world… perhaps… your wife could be… your secretary… here???

  2. Soppy Pedersen said:

    YIPEE!!!… SKIPEE!!!

  3. After one of the things I wanted in life became unattainable for me (some things we can’t control), I decided to get serious about the other one. The other one was my writing career. I did it sort of on the side for many years, but I decided to devote myself to it full time about 5 years ago, and have been doing so ever since. Thank you for sharing a little personal something about you, Jay. Basically, that’s what I do in my writing, sharing my own personal inspiration. Sometimes it’s good for others to see that if one average every day person can do it, so can they.

  4. It seems we have a bit in common if, you consider radio part of sho-biz. Ever since I was 8 y/o I had a desire to become a radio disc-jockey.

    That is exactly what I did just out of high school for about a dozen years. It was a lot of fun but, not so sure it is what I’d like to do, today.

    Congratulations on overcoming such difficult circumstances, and pursuing just what you want to do!

    • Hi Dave, Yes radio is part of sho-biz. A D.J.? Hmm, we can start the Dave and Jay Show, a radio program on television. Between the two of us we could come up with one heck of a script to sell in Hollywood. Today Live From…It is the Dave & Jay Show. Have your people call my people and set up a date for lunch.
      Thanks for the congrats.
      Like you, I am fighter and don’t give up on getting better or moving forward.

  5. Congratulations! 😉

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