Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

   The purpose of Numerology is to make you aware of your character traits, life possibilities and challenges, to let you know the best times to be assertive, and the times to rest, study, meditate and learn…the times you’ll be emotional and need to let go, and the times you’ll be at your best for business enterprise, partnership and new opportunities.  Relationships, compatibility and love vibrations are also shown in the numbers.

You are a unique individual.  There is no other person on the face of the earth exactly like you.

The Science of numerology was brought to Greece by Pythagoras from the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt.  He shared this science with his school…the belief that we are all energy molecules vibrating at a different rate…just as inanimate objects do to give form and mass to our senses.    He assigned a numerical value to these vibrations.  Pythagoras is revered as the Father of Mathematics by all scholars.

Early on, Lenay realized the profound impact Numerology could have for each one of us to become true to ourselves and our own divine urges. the secret desires each one of us carries deep within.  It was forcefully brought to her attention when two of her close friends were talking about their disappointment in their son.  They wanted him to become a lawyer like his father, but he wasn’t interested in this type of study, and they felt he was wasting his time.  At 13 he needed to start getting the grades necessary to enter college.  Lenay laid out a detailed Numerology chart for the boy and saw that he could never be happy behind a desk as a career.  He was extremely creative and liked to work with his whole body.  She suggested that her friends guide the boy into a creative path and let his natural desires do the rest.  They completely let go of their attorney fantasy and supported their son and his talents.  He blossomed under this approach and was accepted into CalArtsCollege on a scholarship.  He went on to become a stage lighting designer for a national opera company and has patented lighting devices used around the world 

As parents we all want to do what is best for our children.  Where can we get the information to help our children become the best they can be?  How do we know what their talents are except by observation, and often we miss the signs.  How do we know if they are natural leaders, or natural diplomats?  Do they have what it takes to run their own business, or would they be happier working for someone else.  Are they creative?  Are they athletic?  Will they have an interest in science, philosophy or deep study?

Numerology provides a guideline that answers these questions and more.  What a gift it would be to know our child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can guide and train them to develop their own personal best expression.

The roots of numerology are entwined in the Kabala, the Hebrew alphabet, biblical writings, and ancient esoteric wisdoms.

Lenay Rogus is a published author, speaker and producer of hypnosis and guided imagery CD’s.  She’s a master hypnotist, Stress Management Consultant, and a numerologist who does professional mini readings for entertainment at parties and events as well as in-depth personal readings.  

For more information visit Lenay’s website:  www.psychicnumerologist.com


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