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Time To Laugh

The time to laugh is now.  At times we forget to have a really good belly laugh. 

Laughter is healing, as Norman Cousins wrote in his book, Anatomy Of An Illness.

   When was the last time you laughed at joke, at something you did or saw, or to yourself about some faux pas you or someone else made?

We all have so much going on in our life that we may be consumed and preoccupied with situations/conditions that can stress us out.  Time to step back when we feel overwhelmed by “things” and laugh.  Laughter releases stress and other good things into our mind and body.  Laughing is good for us, it lightens the load.  Why not watch a comedy that makes you laugh, we all have our favorites, be it a movie or television series.  One favorite a friend has are reruns of Laugh In from decades ago with Rowan and Martin.  When I really need a laugh I pop in a favorite comedy movie or read George Carlin.      

A friend of ours is a stand up comedienne and has performed all over the country.  It is such a pleasure to be with her as she always has a joke to tell, points out some absurdity going on or comments on the ridiculousness going on in the world.  The smile on her face and her ability to make us smile and laugh is priceless.  A visit to her neck of the woods is something we look forward to and enjoy to the max.  I’m sure you have someone who brightens you up when you get together with their smile and joking around, etc.    

Taking care of yourself and being successful go hand in hand.  Laugh and enjoy the day as it will have a very positive and direct impact on your outlook, your dealings with others and your life.

“I will laugh at the world…And so long as I can laugh never will I be poor…Only with laughter and happiness can I truly become a success.  Only with laughter and happiness can I enjoy the fruits of my labor…To enjoy success I must have happiness and laughter…” Og Mandino   

Laughing is good medicine for the mind and the body.  Trust me.



Comments on: "Time To Laugh" (7)

  1. I do laugh out loud from time to time with The Big Bang, King of Queens, Everyone Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men. And of course every time a senator or congressman opens his mouth. Well with the last two I don’t laugh anymore as I get angry and enraged.

  2. I refuse to go through a day without at least one good laugh. I have all the seasons of the old Dick Van Dyke show with Mary Tyler Moore on DVD. I keep them in my player to put on if I haven’t laughed yet in the day. My other favorite show is Everybody Loves Raymond. I’m actually so obsessed with the latter show that I’m thinking about posting a blog about it. 🙂 Hope you have some hearty laughs today, Jay.

  3. I look for things to laugh at because, in all simplicity, It does feel good. David Blaine – before the big illusions there was Street Magic. Comedian Steven Wright with his stoic delivery….Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time

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