Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

R U Busy?

   R U Busy?

Recently I was sent a newspaper article concerning being busy and minimal or no time to relax and recharge.  How sad many create such tight schedules there is barely, if any, room to breathe in the Manna of Life.  Life is not about being busy but about busy living life.  Do not confuse the two.

How many people do you know who have created such tight schedules you can’t even get together to chat over a cup of coffee. 

I remember talking with fellow business travelers, on a long flight, that were constantly on their laptops and that it was expected of them by their companies.  When the plane landed they dashed off to a meeting—it amazes me how anyone can be at the top of their game if there is no rest and recharging break.

It is one thing to be busy and another to ignore one’s well-being.  The pressure and stress I see today that is self-imposed stuns me, especially when it precludes taking care of self and/or family. 

When the drive to succeed outweighs living and being part of life at the cost of family, friends and enjoyment the success gained is empty, a deep and lonely chasm of regrets.

Success to be well-rounded and gratifying necessitates striking a balance, albeit the scales dip back and forth and some sacrifices are made, one has to allow time for R&R.

It is never too late to change the course one is traveling to achieve a balance in living a successful and happy life while reaping all the rewards in the process.

The all consuming work and no play takes a toll on the body, mind and spirit.  Each time one burns out the longer it takes to mend.

So, take time to consider a balance between your professional and personal life if your desire is to savor the benefits of both.  

What price success?  Your choice.



Comments on: "R U Busy?" (6)

  1. Again, so true. Expectation can be a force for good but also a force for perpetual striving. You’re right, we need a balance, we need R&R. Otherwise how can we enjoy the fruits of our labour anyway? Great post Jay.

  2. I pretty much have an uncomplicated NOT busy life. I purposely planned it this way. But, most people I know are like you’ve described here. Many of them get angry with me because I’ve got it simpler than them. I can’t tell them that I chose to make my life this way, and you can too, because they think they have no choice. It’s just is what it is. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Jay.

  3. For some, technology is a release. It is their break. That said, what would they do if, technology was not available to them? They would find R&R somewhere. In other words, it is not for us to determine what constitutes the R&R. More important, are we being truthful with ourselves, and really taking some R&R?

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