Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

The Anniversary

   As the first anniversary approaches of my dying from a full respiratory arrest and being brought back with the help of my wife, paramedics and hospital ER staff, it brings up many feelings and memories. 

The past year has been a unique road to recovery and filled with a variety of challenges. 

I remember being on the other side of life and what I saw and felt.

Life has a whole new meaning on all levels for me and has obviously altered my perspective.  From everyday living, family and friends, to spirituality, new and wonderful experiences have allowed me to expand my awareness.  Not all  were wonderful, but, labeled wonderful as they were learning experiences.

I am now creating a collection of my writings for publication and in the near future searching for a literary agent and publisher, perhaps even investigate writing a column again on positive attitudes.  This blog is my first foray into writing after a very long hiatus and it has been cathartic.  The next avenue of creative expression and goal, to again have speaking engagements local, state, national, and international.

It would have been so very easy to give up and merely exist in my easy chair bemoaning the state of my affairs and play the poor me card.  I am a fighter and persistent.  When my wife was informed that I would be in a drug induced coma for over a week and may not make it, two days tops, she said, “Not my husband, he is a fighter.”  After four days I was brought out of the coma.  I was breathing on my own and no longer needed the respirator.

Life is filled with surprises and it is how we decide to deal with them on a daily basis which is extremely important.  I fought long and hard to get back to living and pushed too hard at times but there was really no giving up for me. Did setbacks occur?  Yes. Unexpected surgery three months later was just one.  I had to learn to deal with the setbacks and keep my focus on recovery.  I have my good days and my very good days just like everyone else. 

I thank my wife for the CPR,  the paramedics, doctors, nurses and staff for the wonderful and loving care given to me when in the ER, two critical care units and cardiac floor.

I thank each of you for reading and sharing this blog, for your comments and heartfelt thanks to the blogging community.

Never give up, be positive about living life, love unconditionally and forgive unconditionally-yourself and others, let go of thoughts and beliefs which do not serve your higher good, don’t give in to the negatives, be kind to yourself and others, take time for yourself during the day and most of all, be you and all the specialness you are. Let those in your life know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Life is really wonderful and so are you.  Jay



Comments on: "The Anniversary" (10)

  1. Tracie Louise said:

    Very touching and truly inspirational post Jay. You have an amazing story, and so glad you shared it with us all. You have an incredible attitude to life, and a determination to do just about anything. Much love to you my friend. xxoo

  2. Wow Jay, I had no idea that you suffered such a trauma. You remind me of my father. He was a chemist and at 69 years old was in a bad explosion that took a leg and several fingers on one hand. Due to his age, the doctors gave him less than 24 hours to live. Dad lived 12 more years and was standing on a ladder in mid-air grafting various pear trees together after about 2 years of getting his prosthetic leg. Dad did tell me if he’d have lost his eyes, he’d have lost his will to live. But I honestly think it is that will to live that carries us through. So congratulations on your one year recovery, and your future recovery, as you get stronger everyday. I really do enjoy your up beat blogs. So, please keep them coming.

    • Thank you for sharing the story of your dad. I appreciate your comment and will keep the blog going. Jay

      • You’re welcome. Your determination reminds me of Dads, which is why I mentioned him. When Dad finally did die, he was cooking bacon. He was dead before he hit the floor. I took comfort in knowing that he lived right up until his last moment. Hopefully, you’ll have many happy, healthy years ahead of you!

  3. You’re a tough cookie my friend! 😉

  4. Congratulations on this anniversary. You can’t help but, succeed. Thanks for sharing.

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