Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

OMG!! Where is My Cookie?

Has anyone seen my cookie.  I know I had it here.  Where did it go? OMG!!

My cookie, my kingdom for my cookie!  Yes, a bit of literary license there.

The cookie is our dream, our desire of what it is we really want or wanted to do with our life.  There are times that our dreams/desires get dashed on the rocks or they are shelved in order to make a living, take care of family, etc. But it is important that we find our dream again and begin to take action on it, no matter how small that action may be.   

Life throws us curve balls and it is how we act and react to them that makes all the difference in how we live our life.

The longer we live with regrets of not attempting to investigate a dream, the deeper it is buried.  Living with regrets about not attempting to reach for a dream/goal is not good for our psyche or our overall well-being and it shows.

We cannot live through our childern or others, it is a lost cause, and dashing the dreams of another will only bring heartache and pain and perhaps resentment in later years.  It is important that we support others in their quest to achieve success and also that we give ourselves credit and support in achieiving our success in life. 

Have you found your cookie?  It has been right in front of you all along.  Pick it up, dust off the crumbs and take a bite.  It will fill you with a new gusto and new vigor/determination to attempt that which was mispalced, never lost, lo those many years ago.

You are a worhtwwhile individual who deserves to follow your dream, one step at a time. I support you on your quest.

The World Is Your Cookie.  Create It! ™

Behold, the dawn has broken and there is a new light of day and it is yours.  Jay

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