Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

The Mixing Bowl

Many of us enjoying cooking and baking as a hobby and use only the best of ingredients.  We know that using the best ingredients produces a wonderful and tasty end product.  

Each day we have a myriad of thoughts and it is up to us to choose which ones to entertain and incorporate into our lives on a professional and personal level.  We do not want to entertain those ideas, thoughts, that are negative or limiting, which come from fear. Fear is an inhibitor that affects all areas of our life.  Dr. Ernest Holmes in his book, Know Yourself, wrote, “The first thing we should do, then, is to get rid of fear; to come to see logically and with feeling that there is nothing to be afraid of.  And when we have gotten over fear we will begin to see correctly…”  The old saying about fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear only becomes real when we give it a life of its own…meaning we give our power to fear to control us rather than us tossing fear out on its ear.  It, fear, has no place at our table of success.  

What ingredients do we exactly want to add to the mixing bowl for a positive and fulfilling experience?  A mainstay is self-confidence and confidence in all we do.  If we are not confident in ourselves and in what we are doing, our undertaking is not going to pan out.  Being confident is essential if we are to grow into successful and prosperous  human-beings.  Everyone I have met that is successful and prosperous is/was confident in themselves and their work.  What is our vision for us?  Is it a confident one or is it iffy?  If we are not confident in our vision of us and our overall success, life will stay static, as is, no growth, no greater sense of well-being, which becomes existing not living.  Choose to live with vibrancy and enthusiasm, confidence.  You exude confidence by the way you hold your head, the way you walk, your stance and the way you look someone in the eye and talk about your product.  You don’t need to say a thing about you; you are exuding and have an aura of confidence and positivity about yourself.

Another ingredient to add, a new perspective.  Think outside the box.  As was stated in Today’s Positive Thought, Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi spoke about looking at things differently than anyone else.  If we are willing to think outside the box and see things in a different light, we gain a whole new perspective on our road to success.  New ideas pop in and our enthusiasm grows as we see new ways to achieve success.  This applies to both our professional and personal life.  Successful people may get stuck in their thinking for a brief moment, then, they receive a message, a kick in the mental pants, from a thought or an article they read or are reading, etc., but, it is about seeing a different solution, a different way of doing things.  Successful people are confident in their abilities and their product, always looking for a new perspective, a new take on things.  

You are created for success.  You are a dynamic, enthusiastic, successful individual.

Be open to new ideas, new perspectives, new ways of doing things.  Think outside the box.  Be flexible in achieving your goals and keep your point of focus on where you want to go.  Remember, you are a dynamic and powerful individual worthy of the highest and best life has to offer.  Carpe Diem my friends.

Continued Success in all you do!  Jay

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